Origins: The brother Hidebrand was a man of nessasity. It was he who watched over the people unlucky enough to settle near the Black Forests. And it was he who lead the cruades to stop out of monster within it. He maintained his land with stoic strength, but in the process some say he became less of a man. Some say he let the darkness into him, and his nation followed suit.

The Land of Hidebrand: Much of the land of the nation is temperate forests. The east's forests have had much longer to be thinned, and as of such is the urban and industrial base of the nation. The mountain to the west are rich in mineral, giving the nation its raw material for production. Unfortunately , there is little the way of helium mines of Albic. The farther West one goes the more rural the lands gets. Cleared out sections of forest are surrounded by the thick omnipresent forest. To the far west is the Black Forest; the Black Forest is a crossing area for both the Unseelie Fey and the Shadowfell. With creatures and energies of the two planes crossing, a strange and deadly phenomenon, know as the Twisted Branch Effect by many scholars. This phenomenon merges the two energies into a unique blend of Fey and undeath materializing in the form of horrible monasteries crafted as though from the worst nightmares of children. These creatures are ever changing and evolving, and books upon books of research have been conducted in the name of combating these monsters. In addition, the normal Unseelie Fey punish any who use land of the Black Forest, and the Lich Counts of the Shadowfell send invasions to the Prime Material in order to gain more power.

Accepting the Scorned: The centuries of living in this terror filled land has made its people not only jaded, but desensitized to the evils of the world. Why fear the tieflings' strange origins, its nothing they can help any more than anyone else. Should we treat the werewolf as a monster if he only wants to live peacefully? If the necromancer can help us defend against the forest, is it all that wrong to let him use useless bodies? Much of the stigma that follows these people is lost in these lands, and as a result, they can live here in peace. Not to say that anyone is ignorant of the fact that these people can be very dangerous; Lycanthropes must either embrace the urges or submit to containment during during full moons. Vampires can only take blood willingly given to them (which started a very interesting industry). Necromancers must use bodies they bought from the next of kin. These restrictions are fairly well received as the alterative use usually being hunted in another nation One could walk through the gothic streets of a Hidebrand city and see two night hags haggling over prices with the town blacksmith while a succubus flirts up a young farmer( but not with any charming magic as this is illegal).

Magic in Hidebrand: Air Ships do not normally run on helium in Hidebrand; it is a rarer commodity as it is not found naturally in the Hidebrand mountains. Instead, ships are lifted into the air by enchanting the hull with levitation spells, which are kept active by the Liquid Opal engines that also power turbines at the back. Much of Hidebrand technology works in similar ways with direct enchantments. Animated armor is not uncommon for cheap security work. More complex devices may be give sentient by binding a soul to its, specifically military grade aircraft and Magic Armor of extreme power. Long standing pilots and veteran warriors volunteer for this fate, typically at the end of their lives, but sometimes the prospect of eternal life inspires some to choose this fate earlier in their lives. Whatever the case, these intelligent constructs work in tangent with mortal operators, the crew or knight in the armor use the wisdom of the Controlling Spirit (as it is called) to give them the edge in battle.



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