The Confederacy of Free Men


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Guns, Trade, and Glory This is purely now the name of the region, as they many city states in it have not been allied as one whole confederacy since they broke away from Oppius one hundred and fifty years ago.  Nine city states exist here between the great lake Umberlee’s Tears and the Bay of Malcer. These states are utterly unable to keep lasting peace; conflict over trade and resources often ends in the city-states marshaling large armies against one another. A few of these states are:


Cardarelli: This is the only totally landlocked state in the area, but what it loses in navy it makes up for in technology. Being so close to Beren, Cardarellian traders work as the middleman for gnomish technological goods. With no ports, Cardarelli relies mostly on airship trade; its ships are some of the fastest, the best, and the biggest. Marcello is the other city state close to Beren. The two states are bitter rivals and fight over every trade deal. Cardarelli is run by a council of twelve, who are the city's richest and most powerful. Most people simply buy the votes needed to get on the council, and assassination is a common political tool.

Marcello: The other masters of gnomish trade, Marcello does have seaports. This makes it ideal for transport expensive gnomish tech.The city of Marcello itself is partially flooded. Hydraulic pumps, canals, and steam smoke stacks liter the city. Trade from every port is done only after the “taxes” of different mafias are collected. Part of the city itself is underwater, allowing for kuo-toa, merfolk, triton, and many other aquatic races to make up a significant minority. The government is run by one elected officials with one prime minister ruling supreme.

Ricchio: This city state lays on extremely mineral rich lands. Coal, iron, copper, and precious gems are only a small portion of what gets exported out of this city. Carvens under the land around and even under the city are some of the richest. This has lead to extremely aggressive competition between companies. Unfortunately, the mines are already populated with creatures of the underdark, and Duergar have been fighting for the caves sense the city was founded. The Aristocracy of elemental Earth has huge influence here; several genies even own homes in the city. With all this mineral wealth, races that obsess over precious materials such as dwarfs come here under shadow of darkness to get the best gems. Ricchio has a particularly chaotic government, comprised of one hundred person senate with one elected chairman to be the figurehead and keep peace.

The Confederacy of Free Men

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