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The Northern Lands of Arizma

North of the Astral Ocean sits the continent of Arizma. It is ancient and has seen the rise and fall of many  Kingdoms, Nations, and Empires. The most recent of the these Empires was the Kingdom of Arizma, to which the continent is given it's name…

The Southern Lands of Alphia

South of the Astral Ocean lays Alphia. It is not one continent but several; Morahdur, Doazinga, Shimaria and a massive uncharted land to the far West. These lands find themselves under much more planar influence, something its people have learned to exist around…

The Races of Aelia

Nearly all of the races that have been released have an important place in Aelia. This section will serve to give you an idea what playing each race means in this world.

Technological and Magic

Here you can see the prominent magic and technology in this world.


Main Page

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